Manufactured Solutions:

We provide Manufactured Solutions for your Felt, Cork, and Foam needs. High end manufacturing, quick turn around, and customer flexibility. Factory Direct pricing worldwide. Proud Member of the Brand Felt Family of Companies.

Specials and News

Laser Cutting and more...

From precision laser cutting to more traditional die cutting, we can make anything from coasters to high end gaskets and washers.

In addition to cutting, we can also engrave, print, and emboss many of our difference materials.

100% Wool Design Felt

We have a very large inventory of 2mm, 3mm and 5m thick 100% Merino Wool Design Felt. Made in Germany, our design felt it the gold standard for Wool Felts.

NSI offers Slitting, converting to cut parts, as well as adhesive application. Our Design Felt can be found in home good products, wall art and sound absorption panels, as well as other commerical uses.

OEM & Private Labeling

NSI offers OEM options in all of our materials.

We can provide but are not limited to: Tool Box Liners, Case Liners, Felt Cut Parts, Liner Kits, Stripping, Custom Pads, etc.

Private Labeling on any of our product lines with a full spectrum of packaging options.

Most Popular Uses Our Products

Insulation: Wool and Cork insulate against heat, cold, and sound. They work as a moister barrier between layers as well.

Crafting: We offer different materials and blends for different levels of crafting and designing.

Décor: Many of our lines are found in different types of home décor. Felts, corks, and rubbers can be used as a surface guard as well as cut and sewn into table liners, coasters, and other finished goods. Our burlap can be used for window treatments and is perfect for events.

Automotive: Tool Box Liners, Fender mats, Anti-Slip pads, and cold case liners made from Neoprene and PVC.

Industrial Applications: Materials and Fabrication for specialized applications and needs.

Carpet and Surface Protection: Rug Pads and non-marking floor protection products made of PVC and Felt.

Infinite Ideas: Our product line is so vast that we are only limited to the needs and imagination of our customers. We love working with our customers to find a solution that best fits their needs.


Rubber, Neoprene, and Cork with Rubber Gaskets

Gasket and Washer Materials.

Ask About our Various Cork With Rubber Blends, EPDM, NBR, Open ell Rubbers, PVC, EVA, Volara, SBR, XLPE Foam Collection. (material will be listed online soon for purchases in smaller quantities.)


We offer Custom Felt striping 1/4" or wider to meet specific needs. From Craft to high end 100% Wool we have precision cutting with small MOQ's.